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Water-Energy Nexus

Vortex Process Technology is making a difference to water and how it is used. From waterways and ponds to cooling towers and ice rinks, our applications are saving water, energy and the environment.

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A Better Way

Vortex Process Technology is being used to make a real difference to water, agriculture, aquaculture, industry — even ice. There are better ways.

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Making Great Ice

Ice rinks are using Vortex Process Technology to make great ice without the expense of extremely hot water. See how REALice is making a difference to indoor ice arenas all over the world.

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Improving Our Waterways

Runoff from flooding can damage a
waterways’ ecosystem. Vortex
Process Technology is keeping
waterways healthy.

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Cooling Towers

Using VPT technology, our cooling tower skid is proven to save energy, chemicals and, most importantly, water.

Tiny Bubbles

At the heart of our 3-D printed vortex applications are micro air bubbles. What changes is how we deal with them.


Using VPT technology to aerate ponds diminishes algae growth — and its residual stench.


Our technology is used to keep rivers, streams and waterways clean.

Energy Efficiencies

Using unheated water for ice maintenance and resurfacing is increasing ice plants’ efficiencies.

Waste Water

FlowMix is a wastewater treatment application based on Vortex Process Technology.

We're increasing cooling towers Cycle of Concentration to at least 5 - 10 COC

Cooling Towers just in California

Over 5 billion gallons of fresh water used by cooling towers yearly just in California


Southern California Edison’s field assessment on our water treatment solution for cooling towers

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Cooling Towers that waste less.

Our cooling tower skids, built with Vortex Process Technology at the core, are reducing the amount of water, energy and chemicals needed to run cooling towers. Southern California Edison ran a field test using VPT technology which proved those savings, savings especially essential for water-poor States like California. The report points out that by increasing the Cycle of Concentration by just 1.5, 350 million gallons of water can be saved in California in just three years. Read the report here.

Less Water

By increasing the Cycle of Concentration, cooling towers use less water. This is achieved by lowering the viscosity of the water by separating the micro air bubbles from the water, resulting in better heat transfer. With the water itself now more efficient, a water energy nexus is created, increasing the CoC. Read the report.

Less Energy

Lowering the viscosity means the water is more efficient and the cooling tower works less. The site energy savings in the SCE study were meaningful at 3.8% for kWh and 1.9% for on-peak kW demand reduction. Learn more.

Less Chemicals

The rapid spinning of the water in the vortex not only separates the micro air bubbles from the water, but it changes the state of the soluble calcium in the water.  No longer effective and unable to cling together and cause lime scale buildup, less chemicals are needed,. Read the report.

REALice Installations worldwide


Natural gas reduction


Electricity reduction

A Game Changer.

The vortex technology used in our ice rink application separates the micro air bubbles from the water, removing the need to heat the water up to extremely high temperatures to resurface the ice. Saving money — and making great ice – that’s REALice. Find out more at the REALice website.

Less Natural Gas

Most arenas use natural gas to heat their water. REALice reduces the natural gas use by 79%. One of three ways REALice saves energy. Learn more.

Less Electricity

Cooler water on the ice means the ice plant works less, and the water freezes faster. This means the brine temperature — and the ice itself — can increase by a couple of degrees — a real savings in electricity. Learn more.

Less Humidity

Colder water means less evaporation than before, and less evaporation means less humidity in your arena. Another way that REALice saves arenas money. Learn more.


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Cleaner Water.

The vortex technology used in our ponds and waterways applications take those same micro air bubbles from the water and use them to aerate. The FlowMixer system helps waterways recover from runoff damage and prevents algae build up due to stagnant water.

Faster recovery from runoff

With the FlowMixer application, waterways can recover faster from runoffs and overflows. Want to know more? Contact us.

Automatic or On Demand

The FlowMixer System can be set up to work automatically or on demand. Want to know more? Contact us.

Better Smelling

Reducing the algae growth has another positive attribute: a better smelling environment. Want to know more? Contact us.

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